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Simple to adopt. Simple to use. Simple to maintain.

Complete Connection

The Research Portal is an effective one-stop-shop for researchers, signing authorities and reviewers

  Streamline submission through approval processes

  Users login to one common interface

  Monitor application statuses

  Link funding and compliance records

  Complete review assignments

For administrators, research portal applications and event form submissions feed data entry to Awards and Certifications files, and reduce data entry effort by all users.
For researchers, online access to research funding and certification forms and personal application and event histories makes it easier to comply with policies and procedures and manage project deliverables and deadlines.
Signing Authorities and reviewers
For signing authorities and reviewers, online access to items requiring review makes it easier to manage priorities, and affords decision makers more flexibility with their work schedule or location.

No More Running Around

The web interface eliminates the need for researchers, or signing authorities and reviewers, to be physically present to gain or grant approvals

  No toting countless paper copies

  Complete audit trail and workflow history

  Homepage Quicklinks and Reminders


  Sign in from any device