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Never lose track

ROMEO's Awards Module is designed to capture, manage and report research funding data at the project level.

  Monitor all types of research funding and readily track deliverable due dates

  Comprehensive history of important project details, documents, reviews, approvals, deliverables and communications

  Less effort compiling information from paper or spreadsheet records, more time conducting analysis

Stop trying to remember the hundreds of project due dates - we've got you covered. Build custom date reminders that automatically alert you and researchers of upcoming events.
Time-Saving Templates
Don't waste your time writing emails anymore. Create customized templates that automatically pull in project details and signatures for a personalized touch.
Nothing left Behind
Automatically track all project sponsor data. Report on Agencies, Programs, Source, Industry, Country, Project Type, Researchers, and Partners.

Easy and Expansive Reporting

Too much time and energy is exhausted fulfilling internal and external reporting requirements... Let us do that for you. Our Report tools

  Reduce year round reporting initiatives to short exercises

  Effortlessy track project specifics

  Quickly evaluate greater trends

  Support rollup and drilldown utilities


Smart, efficient report cycles create a foundation for evaluating performance, supporting clever business decisions, and satisfying regulatory requirements.